• Alastar Connor

Where are you?

When I look out at the steam Rising from the lake Swirling over the water Like a ghostly fog Spirits rushing in unison To an unknown destination I think of you.

Are you listening? Watching? How could you be? Are you here with me? Or are you truly gone Lost for all time To me And all of us?

If you are forever gone, Did I lose my opportunities To be with you more? Would it have made any difference In how I feel?

What is a friendship when one half of it is gone? Does it still exist? Is it simply now a memory of something that was? Like a lucky penny once found The moment fleeting and the luck run out?

If you are still with us, Are you energy in another form? Did you feed the Earth with your love, Fueling the beautiful birds that make me think of you? Lending a little more light to the sun shimmering off the water? Are you amplifying the sparkling ripples that blink A Morse code S.O.S.

We are here. All of us left behind Like a linked chain of sorrow That is missing a piece. How can an arch stand without its keystone?

We are looking Seeking For the meaning of it all And for some sign That you are still here With us Because the thought of you truly being gone Hurts too much.

It is the memories Your words Your laughter Your warm embrace The joy you emanated from your very being That remain with us Painfully Reminding us of what is no longer And aching in our souls That I ponder on As the bugs sprinkle the smooth surface of the lake with an ongoing meditation of touches and ripples.

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