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What is sexy?

What is sexy?

Red lipstick

Kitten heels

Red Ferrari

Me at the wheel?

When I cuddle our child

Or give birth to our babe

Give her life from my breast

Or cook up your fave?

Silicon boobs

Wrinkle free eyes

Inflated lips

A zero for size?

A dead lift to beat

How I perform under heat

A well-negotiated deal

A bad girl who steals?

A sweet new tattoo

Account full of cash

A threesome for fun

A well placed false lash?

Is it hot when I beg

Or order you around

The length of my leg

The sight of my mound?

Pure whitened teeth

Highlighted hair

It is the way that I flirt

Or eat a ripe pear?

My hips as they sway

Or me walking away

Or when I’m so needy

I beg you to stay?

When I meet your gaze

Or flutter my lids

Is it when we are equal

Or when I have the kids?

My wit


Where they both intersect?

The way I play dumb

Suck on your thumb?

It is my hair free body?

That I order a toddy?

Is it when I call to you

Dizzy with need

Or sigh with pleasure

Is it when I bleed?

What does it mean

That loaded word

Is it something you feel

Or something you heard?

Is it all the hormones

Hot and then cold

Does it still exist

When we go and get old?

Does it still stick around

When our youth fades away

For the sweats wearing mama

At the end of the day?

Is it something to fight for

With needles and knives

Is it something that comes

When we whittle our thighs?

Is it bought and then paid for

Can it be attained

Or something inherent

That cannot be made?

All the things that are sold

They tell me to try

Will I be sexier

With each thing that I buy?

When I think of the things

that mean I’m a she

Would they still have meaning if I was a he?

If I were asexual

would I still hold appeal

Would you open the door

Buy me a meal?

Can there still be sexy

Without any sex

Or is it a word

that’s more like a hex

Unattainable, shifting

Marketed, Weaponized


Even for guys

It’s time to remake

Create, Sexy

In our own image


we want it to be.

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2 Kommentare

Janet Webster
Janet Webster
09. Nov. 2021

‘Its time to remake, create sexy in our own image how we want it to be’. I love this!

Gefällt mir
Alastar Connor
Alastar Connor
09. Nov. 2021
Antwort an

❤️. I’m a different kind of sexy every day and damn if I’m going to let my light dim! 👊

Gefällt mir
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