• Alastar Connor

What is a mother?

What is a mother?

A mother teaches you how much space to take up What beauty looks like What you look like When it’s ok to be upset How to deal with those emotions The right volume How to make choices How much is too much How much you deserve How to accept love And compliments How others feel How to show up How to think of others How to think of yourself What to expect How you should be treated What to go for What to forget How to cuddle How to create How to imagine How to be a friend How to appreciate What to say And how to say it How to feel When to care How to sit with someone’s pain How to share it How to rise from the ashes How to reinvent What unconditional love looks like About expectations How to handle adversity When to fight And when to concede How to apologize And when

Most of all She is the foundation upon which we grow. The soil in which our roots spread.

So mother us well By first Growing big and tall Stretching out To feel the sun Weather the storms Embrace the day Regardless of whatever roots You stand on Because children can only see what is above the surface And we are watching.

By Alastar Connor

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