• Alastar Connor

Strong men empower women.

A strong man:⁣

Cheers her on⁣

Backs her up⁣

Believes in her⁣

Allows her to control her body⁣

Respects her choices⁣

Refers her⁣

Promotes her⁣

Credits her work⁣

Makes room for her boundaries ⁣

Defends her⁣

Speaks up for her⁣

Allows her to be heard⁣

Listens to her⁣

Is on her team⁣

Assists her⁣

Fights for her⁣

Encourages her⁣

Asks her opinion⁣

Vouches for her⁣

Gives her pleasure ⁣

Shares the parenting responsibilities

Does a fair share of house work⁣

Shares his feelings with her⁣

Does not yell at her⁣

Engages in respectful discourse with her ⁣

Is a role model for her children⁣

I am so lucky to have a strong man in my life. ⁣

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