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Toxic positivity

This morning, first thing, I watched a video about living with high vibration. As I was watching and listening to how all things in life thrive at high vibrations, I began feeling bad about any negativity I allow myself to feel. I began to think about how I shouldn’t get myself ever complain because it lowers my vibration. That any illness to befall me would be my own fault because I let myself feel negative emotions.

Then, I came across this from a friend. Yes. We need both. Positive and negative. We need to be able to flow in and out. Toxic positivity makes me angry. It doesn’t allow anyone to admit that things aren’t fabulous every minute. It cuts us off from the ability to diagnose what is wrong and improve. If we can’t have moments of owning up to something that isn’t working, there would be no innovation.

Problem-solving and generating ideas is my jam. Finding solutions and clarity on the next steps to take to pull ourselves out of a tough spot is something I’m passionate about.

In order to elevate a person, business, or space, I need them to let me see their “dirty laundry.”

“Show me the mess you hide behind closed doors and let’s face it.”

Toxic positivity and shaming others for their “negative attitude” sweeps issues under the rug and doesn’t allow improvement. It also shifts the conversations to create GUILT. Guilt is a useless emotion. If we sit and berate ourselves, we do not take action. We spiral into a place of the lowest vibration. Guilt is not helpful.

Understanding and offering to listen with our full presence creates answers and clarity. Clarity inspires action. Action takes us out of our stuck spot and into a better place.

Only by acknowledging the negative can we find our way back to the positive. Let’s make way for both sides and keep balance.

Next time you hear a complaint, be mindful of shaming behavior and instead, try asking questions. Being present. Actively listening. This is the first step towards helping to improve the situation.

Positive only batteries do not work ❤️

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