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I will not submit.

You have the right to smoke with children present…regardless of the risk to their lifelong health.

You have the authority to make medical decisions on behalf of your children. This includes the right to refuse or discontinue treatments, even those that may be life-sustaining.

You have the right to own a gun, and in many states, take someone’s life if you reasonably believe it to be necessary to defend against:

Deadly force

Great bodily harm




Some other serious crimes

You have the right to parent your children how you want. The law will only terminate parental rights if the parent:

-Permanently neglected the child for at least 12 months by failing to maintain contact with the child and plan for the future of the child

-Legally abandoned the child for at least 6 months

-Severely or repeatedly abused the child

-Has a mental illness that prevents the parent from caring for the child

We can all agree that there are many ways to harm a child (with lifelong effects) before getting to the point of the list above.

The argument regarding fetal rights as reason against the right to an abortion is illogical and NOT about the rights of a child, or these other laws would also protect children after they are born.

This argument is about the rights of a woman compared to that of a man.

This is about letting women know that our bodies and our lives belong to the government…of which 90% of lawmakers are male.

Has your husband or father brought up the current threat to Rowe versus Wade? Are they listening to the proceedings with a stressed look on their face? Are they distracted by what is going on in the legislature?

Of course not. This doesn’t affect them at all.

Sure, birth control exists. We “can control that.” But can we? A broken condom, rape…they say you can double up if you miss a pill…guess which of my children was conceived under those circumstances? IUD? Don’t even get me started on the problems associated with those.

What happens when your child is conceived and there is a threat to your own health from the pregnancy? When the fetus is suffering? When the baby will be born to live a few hours of suffering and then pass? When you have other children who need you and the risk to give birth is greater than that of an abortion? When the child will be born with lifelong challenges.

I’m not saying that these fetal lives should always be ended. I’m saying it should be a CHOICE and decision for the parents how they decide between many unacceptable options. Like it is a CHOICE how we handle illness, treatment, and our lives and their course. Free will over the grey areas of decision that exist every day.

Do I get the vaccine? Do I give my children the vaccine? Do I give them the HPV vaccine? Do I feed them GMO free? Organic? Should we be vegetarians? Should they wear only organic cotton? Should they be allowed to play football with the risks of repetitive concussions? Should they be allowed to participate in extreme sports? When is someone old enough to choose the level of risk involved in their activities like riding a motorcycle or jumping out of a plane? How many rounds of chemo is enough? When do we let our child stop fighting? When do we stop fighting and let our child lose their parent? Does someone have the right to take their own life? Is drug use a crime or an illness? Is it mental illness or criminal activity when someone decides it is right to take another person’s life? Is how our personal logic works our own right or regulated by the government? Is war a right? For what reasons is it right to take the lives of other and to sacrifice the lives of our own? What rights to refugees have in this world? When is is acceptable to flee one’s own country and when is it not? What rights do refugee children have when the choice to leave their country was not their own?

We are confronted by many grey areas of free will. How many of these should be dictated by law? How many already are and with questionable results?

It is very hard to feel goodwill in the world when my very rights as a human over my own body and life are being threatened. When the male dominated world is trying to put their proverbial foot down.

“You can feel like you have equal rights to some degree. We will supposedly equally pay you. We will give you a little time off after the birth of a child. (But how you pay for child care? That’s on you.) We will make laws which, on paper seem fair, but in practice, once they get to the courts, are still up to the men in charge. We will give you the feeling of being equal…but we are letting you know right now that ultimately…we, the men, are in charge and the boss of you.”

How can people feel goodwill when their rights as a human are threatened? Yet somehow we demand goodwill from minorities, women, and refugees every day. They must follow the laws, behave appropriately, follow the proper channels of “due process.” We are being told that we do not have rights as humans to fair and equal treatment, yet we should follow these rules and submit to the “majority.”

Well I have news for you. Women are the majority in the United States. And we will not sit down. We will not be quiet. We will not allow the right to an abortion to be overturned. We have the right to decide what is best for ourselves and our children…before and after their birth.

It’s time for all of us to stand up for the rights of EVERY human already on this Earth and make the world a better place to be born into, before we give precedent to the ones yet to be born. And it is time for women, in the United States, to put our foot down, as the majority. We will NOT submit.

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